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The future is important for everyone and you have to do for it.

Responsible thinking and operation has always been important for the owners of Simon-Trans Ltd., and fortunately it has gained a greater and greater ground by every company during the past years.

We are aware of the fact that our achievements can only be considered real success if they in correspondence with the demands and needs of our employees, clients, suppliers, society, and environment.

Our social responsibility may be successful if it is implemented on the long term, integrated in the everyday life, operation processes of the company, therefore we raise the awareness of our employees in our operation. We intend to provide them long-term, secure workplaces and financial background.

We try to help children with social needs and children’s health care by direct support.We support The baby and children department of Hospital Markusovszky with donations.We find it rather appealing that beyond health care activities they also perform social and rehabilitation work.