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Our quality policy:

Sustaining quality is a highlighted task and responsibility of the company management and each worker. Each colleague is responsible for the quality of their own work, for their continuous improvement, and they work to contribute to satisfying our partners and owners. The Customer is in the focus of our activities. We strive to perfectly fulfil our Customers‘ demands. Our services, fleet, and operational system is improved according to their requirements. It is important for us to establish a good relationship with our suppliers and we strive to establish long-term co-operation advantageous for each interested party. We support and and also call for acquiring and applying up-to-date professional knowledge. Our colleagues are well prepared through regular professional quality training, education, and continuous providing of information. Special attention is paid to the establishment of an excellent team of colleagues: during the selection process the DID organization certification processes of sectran.eu are used. In co-operation with SGS Hungária Ltd. The qualifications GDP and TAPA TSR have been obtained during the past years in order to fulfil our partners’ demands. Above this, we also have AEO and Bisnode AA certifications. Besides our existing certifications we also plan to introduce ISO 9001. We are proud to be among those family enterprises in Hungary who own AEO, GDP, and TAPA qualifications. The financial background of our company is stable on which through our partner - www.dbhun.hu a continuous view can be obtained by interested enterprises. For data query, please refer to the number D-U-N-S:42-689-4379.


Our company has had AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status since 2013. It is a special status based on which the customs authority considers the economic operator a reliable partner therefore receiving preferential treatment from the customs authority during customs clearing processes. Moreover, it guarantees that our processes and co-workers within the company are transparent making co-operation with us safe.

AA Creditworthy:

Our company received AA – Creditworthy certification of Bisnode Ltd. in June 2015. Bisnode certification takes several variables into account to make a statistics-based decision on which companies are the most reliable in Hungary. Only 1.75% of companies in Hungary the holders of this certificate. The financial risk of establishing business relationship with these companies is rather low.

GDP: (Good Distribution Practice)

Our company obtained GDP certificate also in 2015. Good Distribution Practice is a part of pharmaceutical quality assurance through which it is ensured that after obtaining trade authorisation from the manufacturer the drugs are treated (checked, transported, stored) in a way including detailed documentation that when traded they can sustain their original quality until shelf-life expiry, and therefore complying with the requirements included in the trade license and being suitable for use. Another objective of GDP is to restrict the black trade of drugs

TAPA TSR 1: (Transported Asset Protection Association)

Our company acquired TAPA TSR certificate in 2016. TAPA is an organization consisting of security specialists representing high technology companies and related service providers, with the objective to reduce loss of organizations operating in the international transportation chain of great value products and goods, caused by appropriation, or other security faults. In order to achieve the objectives TAPA elaborates uniform requirements based on the security practice considered the best, introduced and applied to identify the weak points of the security system. The standards are continuously developed, training of the auditors is required. TAPA elaborated three standards on TSR (Trucking Security Requirements), our company obtained level 1 certificate, that is the strictest level TSR for box vans.

ISO 9001:2015:

In 2016 our company obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification. ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system. It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity. In fact, there are over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001.

DiD: (Driver Identification Database)

Beyond our working tools, we pay special attention to the selection of our excellent team of colleagues, for this the DiD database is used. This is actually an active online white list collecting the data of certified and reliable drivers using a positive approach and observing strict data protection requirements, and in an objective way it continuously controls individual performance.